About Live Free Distillery

Live Free Distillery is owned and operated by André Marcoux.  André started out as a hobby distiller in early 2010. Destroying his wifes stock pot and a large stainless bowl to create his first still. After doing his first run under his deck, with a turkey fryer, he really wanted to get into distillation more and more. So he gave his wife the option of setting up a small distillery or a grow room in the basement. Of course she chose the lesser of two evils, even tho they are both illegal.  

               Through the years André was able to build all of his equipment right here in the Granite State. From the brewhouse to the Two stills.

         André is proud to set roots in the Queen City. 



What We Make

 Shire Shine Apple Pie Moonshine

Shire Shine Apple Pie Moonshine taste just like a real Apple Pie. Our Apple Pie Moonshine is different than the others on the market. We take a rum base alcohol and blend it with an Apple Juice Concentrate that we source from Connecticut and add two cinnamon sticks to each bottle. Enjoy it chilled, in your favorite mixed drink or pass it around a campfire.

Mountain Top Vodka

Mountain Top Vodka is made from a mixture of Corn and Malt. Distilled three times. Once in our Larger still, then twice in our smaller still at 190° proof. After the distillation process, it is gravity filtered through 3 different kinds of activated charcoal. The kind of charcoal and the way we filter it makes Mountain Top Vodka super smooth. If your a Vodka lover then you won't be disappointed with Mountain Top Vodka.

Riptide White Rum

Riptide White Rum is our version of a New England style Rum. Back in Colonial times, New england was the largest importer of Caribbean molasses. We only use Grade A molasses and brown sugar, which gives Riptide White Rum a sweater finish.

Backroads Corn Whskey

Backroads Corn Whiskey is an unaged whiskey. A mixture of Corn, Malt and Rye. Double distilled and proofed to 92° proof. You will be surprised on the finish of Backroads Corn Whiskey. A little heat, but smooth on the finish.

Backroads Flavored Whiskey

Backroads Maple Whiskey & Backroads Honey Whiskey is our traditional Backroads Corn Whiskey proofed down and blended with Real New Hampshire Maple Syrup or New Hampshire Honey. If you are a fan of Maple Whiskies or Honey Whiskies, then you will love our Backroads Maple Whiskey & Backroads Honey Whiskey. Not too sweet, but sweet enough.

Back Creek Bourbon Whiskey

Back Creek Bourbon Whiskey is our first barrel aged whiskey. Back Creek Bourbon is our Backroads Corn Whiskey, aged in new American American White Oak barrels. Some of the barrels we use for Back Creek are barrels that we made from New Hampshire White Oak. We only produce a small amount of this Bourbon. So supply is limited. Vanilla and honey notes are prominent in this bourbon.

Other Products

We are always trying to come up with other products and different flavors. Check back for added items.



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